Six Ways to Generate a Seven Figure Income: Prepare Your Products for Premium Profits


Christine Clifford

Christine Clifford


  • Target the right types of organizations.
  • Design a prototype that will capture their attention.
  • Lay out several options.



Sell your products as “premiums” to large corporations

You’ve created some products for your company, made a full-length DVD on your subject matter dear to your heart, or written an e-book and have it posted online. Now what? You can sell your products through traditional resources such as retail boutiques, book stores or video outlets. The real money to be made, however, is to sell your product for use as a “premium” to a major corporation or organization.

What is a “product premium”? A product premium is when another corporation uses your product to promote theirs.

Target the types of organizations that would be interested in your product. Obtain the name and title of the person within the organization that purchases premiums for the company. Design a prototype that will capture their attention. On a DVD, this may be a custom label, a sticker that acknowledges their newest product, or a custom introduction. In a book, it may be customization of the initial page of the book. Write a Proposal that clearly states what your product is, project specifications, timing for production, benefits of using your product, pricing, and even a comparison of their competition.

It is important to lay out several options, including a reduction in price as the purchase quantity gets larger. My Proposals usually begin with orders of 3,000; 5,000; 10,000; or 20,000 pieces. Make sure the premium buyer can make an “apples to apples” comparison of similar products they may be evaluating from other competitors. With the proper timing, persistence, and creativity, you, too, can maximize the potential for your products to become lucrative premiums to raise capital for your business.


Christine K. Clifford

Christine K. Clifford, CSP is the author of eight books including YOU, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself, and the CEO/President of Christine Clifford Enterprises. She helps companies and individuals craft their story and designs “knock your socks off” Media Kits for companies, individuals and entertainers.

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Here’s an example of a “knock your socks off” marketing piece Christine has created for someone: the “One Sheet” for Steven Schussler, Founder of the Rainforest Cafe´ restaurants.


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